This loyalty and heritage has been built by a brand name
that has flourished for over 100 years.


1899 Farberware was founded in 1899 as S.W. Farber Inc. by 21-year-old Simon Farber, an immigrant copper cookware factory manager from Russia
1910 Introduced the first line of Farberware serving accessories and giftware
1930 Introduced the first Farberware percolator, which featured a patented “8 in 1” fuse so that a blown fuse could be instantly replaced up to eight times. This product is generally considered to be the foundation of Farberware’s history of coffee preparation
1937 Introduced the “Coffee Robot” which, after making coffee, could keep the coffee warm with a pre-set thermometer
1938 Introduced the first “Broiler Robot” which enabled the housewife to prepare food right at the table
WAR During the War Years, Farberware produced a number of top secret products for the U.S. Government, earning many awards, including four Army-Navy E’s for Excellence
1949 Introduced Farberware Aluminum-Clad Stainless Steel Cookware. Through even heat distribution, this product line provided enhanced cooking properties and proved easier to clean than other materials
1955 Developed the first complete line of stainless steel appliances. This included an immersible fry pan with a patented control plug and super fast percolator
1962 Introduced the first “Open Hearth” electric broiler and rotisserie
1966 Developed the first Farberware urn, giving consumers the opportunity to brew up to 55 cups of coffee at one time
1973 Introduced the Farberware “Convection Turbo Oven” as the first countertop convection oven on the market
1991 Introduced Millenium, the world’s first stainless steel cookware with a never-stick surface and a 20-year guarantee

Licensed the Farberware brand for the first time in kitchen gadgets, cutlery, flatware and dinnerware
1996 Farberware was acquired and initiated licensing the brand name in cookware and electric appliances